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Designed originally for the South African Market, Risk101 software provides a front, middle and back-office market risk management solution for both risk takers and risk managers. Combining a strong Portfolio Management backbone with our bolt-on Risk and Compliance module gives you a solution that caters for all management, reporting and compliance demands.


The product is truly multi-asset, accommodating all instrument types such as equities, swaps, bonds, foreign exchange, money market, commodities, and their associated derivatives.


Risk101′s unique four-tiered portfolio hierarchy facilitates simple drill-down and drill-up for management and risk reporting purposes. Senior management can view their exposure both at the company level, and drill in to test specific fund or security analytics. Handling multiple Prime Brokers is inherent to the Risk101 architecture.


The cost of Risk101 is a fraction of competing products. With no initial capital outlay and only a monthly leasing fee, Risk101 is the ideal start-up platform with a pricing schedule that accommodates a growing team.


Risk101 also offers a fully outsourced reporting service for compliance mandate checking and risk analytics.

In line with the South African legislator landscape, the company can fulfil the role of Risk Services provider for Retail Hedge Funds and (trust) Qualified Investor Hedge Funds, as well as that of Independent Valuation Agent for En-Commandite Partnership entities. Internal risk and regulatory compliance can be measured and reported on a daily, monthly or quarterly basis, in the formats that you request.

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